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Functional Fitness

Yoga developes functional fitness that is natural to the human body. If you watch animals they are incredibly fit and healthy, yet they do not lift weights or run on treadmills, they get their fitness by lifting their own bodyweight and stretching their spines. Yoga is based on this principle that you only need your own bodyweight to get into the best shape of your life. To get fit you need to develop your strength, endurance and flexibility, yoga achieves this by a combination of static and dynamic movements that stretch, tone muscles and burn fat in a single workout, no equipment needed other than a mat and a little floor space, this makes it the perfect workout to do at home or traveling. Once you know the basic moves you are free to practice anywhere.


Thousands of years ago yogis developed a system of exercises to keep the body healthy and give long life. They found that postures which stretched the spine and massaged the internal organs gave the human body great vitality and radiant health that was not possible by strength or aerobic exercises alone. You are as young as your spine is flexible and strong, you can be young even when you are ninety!

Stress Relief

By focused deep breathing yoga gives control over the breath, and the breath is intimately connected with the mind. When you practise breathing exercises your mind automatically becomes relaxed and tranquil, and from this relaxed state of mind stress is released and mental tension banished. Ten minutes of deep breathing a day will give a total chill out session that will release the days stress and anxieties.

Sports Injuries

All athletes no matter what sport they practise will benefit from developing flexibility.  When the muscles are stretched regularly they will help prevent injuries that tight muscle are prone to. As well as prevention, yoga will also help existing injuries heal up back to the muscles original length and strength. In 1970 Bruce Lee severely damaged his back by doing good morning exercises (with a barbell on his shoulders) without a proper warm up. Doctors said he would never do Kung Fu again, but within a year Bruce was back to his peak fitness, what was his secret, he practiced yoga backbends.

Cross Training

Whether you run, cycle, swim, dance, practise martial arts, lift weights, yoga will make your chosen discipline more effective by providing a full range of movement in all the joints and muscles, so that you can access the power in the muscles to provide the movement in your chosen sport.

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Aaron Cousins
Director and Head Teacher
Ashanga Infusion

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I started yoga late in life and will never be as lithe and limber as I would like, however, I find Aaron’s teaching to be wonderfully liberating and he never judges my inabilities but rather encourages me to do what I can. All that is required is focus and trust and it is easy to trust Aaron because of his calm and balanced and strong demeanour; it is obvious he has access to levels beyond the standard yoga teacher. His spiritual sense is evident and his brilliant combining of different yoga practices with his own deep experience means that anyone at any level will benefit from his teaching.


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