Ashtanga Yoga Cardiff – YOGA AND INJURIES

Yoga Tip Postures and Injuries

Ashtanga Yoga in Cardiff : Yoga Postures and Injuries


Hatha Yoga was designed as both a healing system and to provide a bedrock for spiritual practice to be built upon.  Yoga is much regarded for its health and disease curing properties, but there is a dark hidden side of hatha yoga which all gurus, teachers and long term practitioners know about, that yoga postures can and do sometimes cause injuries to the body, and just like snake venom which can cause both injury and healing depending upon its dosage, so yoga postures depending upon its dosage can cause healing or injury.


There are three main causes of injury in yoga, firstly attempting a pose that is too advanced for the individual and they try to force it. Secondly rushing in to a pose before you are fully warmed up, as on one day … Read more

Astanga Yoga in Cardiff : The Splits

Astanga Yoga in Cardiff : The Splits


The splits is the quintessential flexible pose – to the averge person’s mind, if you can do the splits you are automatically seen as being a flexible person. Among yogis, gymnasts, acrobats and ballerinas, the splits is seen as the pose to get perhaps more than any other pose.


Why is the spits so hard for most people, its because you are doing both a forward bend in the front leg, stretching the hamstrings, while simultaneously doing a backbend in the rear leg, stretching out the hip flexors. So you have to be flexible in both directions at the same time. Also most people are not patient enough and cannot put up with the discomfort and time it takes to get there. However everyone with normal hip range of motion can achieve the splits with practise and patience and the right … Read more

Ashtanga Yoga in Cardiff : Sun Salutes

Ashtanga Yoga in Cardiff : Sun Salutes


Yoga sun salutes are all about deep breathing while moving, the flowing sequence of postures allow the body to be opened in a way that the breath can be directed into that part of the body in a far deeper way than normal aerobic exercises can do.


I believe aerobic exercises like running, cycling and swimming, etc. are good for you, and they are fun, and if you have got the time cross train with them with the yoga, but do not do them on treadmills in the gym, get out in the fresh air and run or cycle in nature, if possible swim in the ocean when you have the opportunity, so that you get the fresh air and prana into your lungs.


However if you are into long distance marathons or tour de France type of training, then … Read more

Ashtanga Yoga Cardiff : Yoga & How to have Super Joints

Ashtanga Yoga Cardiff : How to have SuperJoints


As we get older our joints get stiffer and stiffer until their range of motion becomes so restricted that we end up walking with a hunched inwardly collapsed frame, when this happens we become an old person. Look at how old people walk, they mainly shuffle around at a slow pace with a hunched over posture, they have become desiccated in their joints and spine, which affects how they move, and yet this is considered a normal part of old age. Look at old people in India and China practicing Yoga and Tai Chi and you will see a big difference, these advanced elderly people have no stiffness or dryness about their movements, but possess the fluidness and suppleness of a snake that can bend in any direction with ease. We need to emulate these people by practicing what they have … Read more

Ashtanga Yoga in Cardiff : Yoga and Energy Spirals

On the surface yoga looks to be about developing poses for flexibility and postural strength, but its not what you can see on the surface of the body that is important, but what you cannot see that is important. The yoga postures are really about moving energy prana around the inner body through energetic channels called nadis, this moving of prana cleanses impurities out of the channels and allows the physical body to become re-balanced into a state of homeostasis. When the channels are cleansed the increased flow of prana can be used to develop a healthy body that will last you a lifetime, and this energy can also be used as a foundation to build a spiritual practice on, to re-connect back to your inner spirit.


So how does this energy start to move and cleanse the inner body, well it does not just happen all by itself … Read more

Ashtanga Yoga in Cardiff – New Loyalty Card – Have a freebie on us every month

Ashtanga Yoga in Cardiff : New Pricing Structure 2011

Introducing Your new Yoga Loyalty Card

Hi all

We’re issuing a new Loyalty Card we think you’ll like. Your new Loyalty Card is better than ever, buy 4 classes, get one class absolutely free, and then 6 whole weeks to use them all up in. How cool is that.

How it works:

You buy your card off Aaron at class, he writes your name on it, signs it.  Please remember to bring it to each class, Aaron checks off a box each time you attend.  All good but we do need to remind you that the expiry date is final and may not be extended and of course you do need to remember to bring to class with you, so keep in your yoga bag so you’ve always got it to hand.

From September 2011 new pricing policy as follows:

FREE … Read more

Ashtanga Yoga in Cardiff – Yoga’s best kept secret – Yogic Breathing

Breathing exercises known as Pranayama (prana is energy; yama to increase) is yoga’s best kept secret. Everyone knows what a yoga posture is and what meditation is, but mostly the only people who know what pranayama is are yoga teachers.


So what is pranayama? It is a system of breathing exercises that use various manipulations of the nostrils and throat muscles to control the breath, to create different rhythms and ratios in the breathing rate that lengthen and control the breath. When the breath is controlled it also affects the energy, prana or chi, that circulates and keeps animated the physical body. Hence pranayama increases and strengthens the energy of the body, leading to perfect health. In fact according to Indian masters of pranayama, these breathing exercises become so important to them that they eventually transcend all other physical practices of yoga postures (with the exception of the headstand) … Read more

Ashtanga Yoga in Cardiff – Practising at the Beach


If you are going to the beach at some point in the holidays then make this a great opportunity to get some beach training in. Now while soft sand is not great for doing yoga poses on, as your hands and feet sink making little rivelets and mounds of sand piles which make any stability in poses pretty tricky, and so a general yoga practise flies out of the window. However there are a few moves which work really well in sand, guess what these are? Yes that’s right handstands.


A move really hard to learn on a normal floor, but on soft sand way more accessible, the worst thing that will happen to you is that you are going to get sand in your hair and maybe look a bit silly.


Find a bit of clear sand away from people if possible unless you like an … Read more

Ashtanga Yoga in Cardiff : Springloading

Watching Trinity my 4-year-old daughter doing gymnastics was very interesting. It’s her first time in the big girls class where she is being taught proper gymnastic techniques.

Once they began it was fascinating stuff. After warming up and stretching they began the main practice which consisted of cartwheels, handstands, backbends and backbend dropbacks. As I tuned inwardly and observed and studied every technique, movement and performance that these girls did, one of the older girls, obviously the star of the class started doing back flips, she was moving so fast that it was difficult to see how she was performing it, but after a short while I figured out how she was doing them, she was spring loading her body and using momentum to flip her body over effortlessly.


Spring loading is a technique from the martial arts that uses the feet and legs to generate tension from the … Read more

Ashtanga Yoga in Cardiff – WHY PEOPLE ARE STIFF

The definition of flexibility is the ability to move the limbs and trunk through a full range of motion with resistance. Everyone is born with this ability to move their body through a full range of motion and should be able to do every yoga pose, karate kick or gymnastic move there is, so why is it that no one can do them except people who have trained from a very young age.


Looking at top flexible people like Indian yogis, gymnasts, ballerinas, contortionists, circus performers, etc, they all have incredible flexibility, but they have generally developed this flexibility as a child, between the ages of 4-10, when their bodies are more easier to stretch to their full capacity. Now most of us are probably not gifted child gymnasts or ballerinas and so probably missed those crucial years to develop full flexibility, and once we reach the age of … Read more

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I started yoga late in life and will never be as lithe and limber as I would like, however, I find Aaron’s teaching to be wonderfully liberating and he never judges my inabilities but rather encourages me to do what I can. All that is required is focus and trust and it is easy to trust Aaron because of his calm and balanced and strong demeanour; it is obvious he has access to levels beyond the standard yoga teacher. His spiritual sense is evident and his brilliant combining of different yoga practices with his own deep experience means that anyone at any level will benefit from his teaching.


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