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MONDAY 8 – 9.30pm Ashtanga Yinyasa Yoga  @ Boutique Yoga Studio, Back Door of 52 Pennsylvania, Llanedeyrn, Cardiff CF23 9LN.  The complete system of the Primary or Second Series of Ashtanga Yoga for those wishing to take their Ashtanga practise to its highest level.


Yoga Boutique Studio 52 Pennsylvania, Llanedeyrn, Cardiff, CF23 9LN



6.45 – 8.15pm Ashtanga Yoga @ Stretchy Suzies, Woodville Rd. CF24 4DY £7 drop in

Ashtanga Yoga Full Vinyasa Primary or Second Series Price £10
The complete system of Ashtanga Yoga Primary or Second Series for those wishing to take their Ashtanga practise to its highest level.


TUESDAY 8.20pm – 9.45pm Handstands @ Stretchy Suzies, Woodville Rd. CF24 4DY £7 drop in

Acrobatic style class of handstands, headstands and arm balancing skills.  Developing advanced levels of strength, flexibility, balance and body awareness through handstands, headstands, elbow stands and arm balances. Looking at handstands and arm balances from yoga, circus handbalancing, gymnastics and contortion. A challenging but fun class where you can become a kid again.



Wed 6.00 - 7.00pm Hot Ashtanga Yoga 

Short form of Ashtanga Yoga Suitable for people who want to ease into Ashtanga Yoga with a shorter practice.
@ Elite Fitness, Unit 2, Fairwater Industrial Estate, Norbury Rd. CF5 3AU.  Drop in, no need to be a member.



5.45 – 6.45pm Ashtanga Second Series
@ Stretchy Suzies, Woodville Rd. CF24 4DY £7
Second Series acts as a counter series of postures to Primary. In Primary we work on stretching the hamstrings, hips and lower back, while strengthening the core muscles, while in Second Series we stretch the opposite muscle group of the quads, abdomen and chest, while strengthening the hamstrings, back and shoulder muscles. Primary and Second are meant to be practiced as a pair of sequences to provide a balanced and full range of yoga postures. 
Do not be put off by images of super bendy female circus performers. This class is suitable for all levels of flexibility from complete beginners to more advanced levels, work at your own level and no matter how stiff you are come along and have fun.
10.30am – 12noon ACRO YOGA
@ Stretchy Suzies, Woodville Rd. CF24 4DY

Your Approach to Yoga

Yoga is a physical science of the body, mind and soul that works initially on the physical body, but also works on all levels of your being; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is meant to be learned slowly and patiently over years and decades giving you a practice to last a lifetime. Do not be in a rush to achieve advanced positions, but also do not be afraid of trying out new postures or practices that seem impossible at this moment, with practice and time the impossible become easy.

Try to practice what you learned in class at home a couple of times a week, even 5 minutes of sun salutes will work wonders if done regularly. If you wanted to lose some weight through jogging you would not just do it once a week, or if you wanted to build up your muscles in weight training again you would not lift weights just once a week and expect results form this. The same with yoga, you need to practice at least 3 times a week to expect progress, just do some sun salutes first thing in the morning or straight after work, and see where that leads you.

Advanced students need more than a weekly class, try to come along to yoga workshops to learn more advanced yoga theory and practice, which will lead you to the advanced levels of yoga.


NEW PRICING50% off Trial class to new students who apply via website home page form£7 for one class£10 to do a class and follow on classBoutique Classes – Drop in but email to book your spotBoutique classes are limited to 8 people max, this is a great opportunity to deepen your practice as you will get more attention in this smaller class than in the bigger classes. Please email us too book your spot on so we avoid over-bookings.Hands on AdjustmentsMost classes except for the pranayma and meditation classes will give hands on adjustments by Aaron. If you have any new or old injuries which might be aggravated by adjustments, you need to tell Aaron before class starts.Ladies Time of the MonthIt is generally recommended that ladies leave out inversions like shoulderstand, headstand and handstand during their  period, however this is a debatable subject with many ladies feeling better for doing inversions during their moon time.We recommend using your own judgment in this matter, if you do not want to do inversions, generally done at the end of the class, please feel free to just lie down and relax instead.For handstand class use your own judgment wherever to attend or not. 
Want to try power of yoga? Simply fill out the form below, we will then email you your trial class voucher and available time slots We look forward to welcoming you

Aaron Cousins
Director and Head Teacher
Ashanga Infusion

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I started yoga late in life and will never be as lithe and limber as I would like, however, I find Aaron’s teaching to be wonderfully liberating and he never judges my inabilities but rather encourages me to do what I can. All that is required is focus and trust and it is easy to trust Aaron because of his calm and balanced and strong demeanour; it is obvious he has access to levels beyond the standard yoga teacher. His spiritual sense is evident and his brilliant combining of different yoga practices with his own deep experience means that anyone at any level will benefit from his teaching.


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To book your spot, enquire about upcoming workshops or to find out how yoga can help you give us a call, or email us your questions using the details below:
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