After being accepted to study on a 3 year teacher training programme with the legendary Richard Adamo and then discovering that my existing teacher was moving to Mid Wales, I found myself struggling to find a a suitable mentor that could both challenge and inspire me. After sampling a dozen or so local classes, I decided to call Richard Adamo and ask for help...........he said there was only one teacher for me, however I needed to travel to Cardiff and thats where my story of becoming a student of Aaron Cousins began.

I attend the Monday evening session at the Mackintosh Centre, which is a fast paced advanced Ashtanga class, which has certainly improved my practice, especially backbending which is a regular component of the lesson. Aaron is gently encouraging and successfully fills every minute of the session with an action packed sequence of asana, which he demonstrates with ease and clarity.

In this age of Kali, yoga is a reminder of the practical and spiritual way to achieve the impossible.
Aaron as a Yoga Master is like a living flame in Kali’s darkness, a jewel on the yoga highway. This is self-evident if you compare his teaching and energetic practice to current yoga masters, both in the West and the East. For those in the know, it is obvious that his vibration pattern is 6th plane. Which makes him unique among the current yoga teachers, as most are on the 1st and 2nd planes. Anyone who is disciplined can learn and in time teach yoga in a physical way. But a true Master is always on the higher planes, allowing their spiritual vibration to burn off karma in those who earn the right to find them, in a way that those who are in the lower planes cannot. Having had opportunity to touch most of the yoga masters in the East and the West during my 63 years of living, I can say that Aaron is the real thing, unique among yoga teachers. If therefore you have had the opportunity to read this and you are serious regarding your yoga physical spiritual practice, then what are you waiting for. Attend his yoga practice and experience your self the pure energy of a true yoga Master.
A smile and a yoga hug,


I have been a student of Aaron Cousins for 10 years now. I enjoy the challenge each lesson brings and the way Aaron encourages students to do asanas they never thought would be possible – the seemingly impossible becomes attainable! Everyone is encouraged to progress at their own pace to increase their potential stamina, flexibility and strength through clear and thorough instruction…. and a little help! I leave each lesson feeling energized and ready for the week.

This energetic form of yoga keeps both mind and body fit. I thoroughly enjoy the mixture of approaches Aaron uses in dynamic flow/ashtanga based yoga, it keeps the body, breath and mind awake and challenged, making 10 years of classes interesting and progressive.

Victoria Edwards

Having attended Aaron’s yoga classes for over 7 years, I have enjoyed significant improvements in my physical and emotional wellbeing.

The classes are energetic but holistic too, blending breath, movement and meditation into a rejuvenating and safe practice.

Aaron is an intuitive teacher who always finds the right balance between hands-on adjustments and clear demonstration, and he always maintains a good sense of humour!
Dr Julian Green

I'm enjoying reading your emails, but it also reminds me of how sad I am that I can no longer attend your classes - I moved away from Cardiff about 3 years ago, and in all that time have never found a yoga instructor as good as you.

Over the years I've often made reference to you when talking about yoga and when trying to encourage some of my male patients to get into it (i'm a chiropractor).

Your classes combined a quiet deep knowledge, the right balance of humour and hard work, just the right pace, and loads of inspiration.... and I STILL miss your class : ( As a chiropractor I found that Aaron had a really good understanding of the mechanics of the body, more so than many others.

So sending you best wishes and thanks for all the classes that I did attend. I will continue to read your emails though and I have a plan to turn my box room into a nice, warm, yoga room. Best wishes,
Nina Gurling, Chiropractor

As I had had a real emotional month this felt like Aarons Yoga had given me the necessary relief at the crisis point and his Yoga had allowed the healing process to begin. So the Yoga Aaron Cousins offers is a life coaching system that is priceless to ones life style.
Massage Therapist

I had the honour of having private yoga sessions with Aaron. He taught me the full Ashtanga sequence, accurate positioning, pranayama, how to teach my own class and without pain there is no gain.

I found a deep inner strength that gave me balance physically, mentally and emotionally. My body never felt better, I became grounded, strong and flexible.

There is more to Aaron than meets the eye and if you have the chance to synchronise with his movement and breath you will be taken to a beautiful place.

With love and tanks to an amazing teacher and valued friend. Ali

Ali Reay

Out of my 20 years of practicing yoga, Aaron's teaching comes across as the most balanced and clean, with a height of energetic resonance that cannot be found in other teachers.

He has the intuition and the clinical acuity to guide one's body in the right direction with great respect. I have always come out of his class feeling more rejuvenated and cleared than any other fitness classes.
From Dr. Jessica Randall

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Aaron Cousins
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Ashanga Infusion

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I started yoga late in life and will never be as lithe and limber as I would like, however, I find Aaron’s teaching to be wonderfully liberating and he never judges my inabilities but rather encourages me to do what I can. All that is required is focus and trust and it is easy to trust Aaron because of his calm and balanced and strong demeanour; it is obvious he has access to levels beyond the standard yoga teacher. His spiritual sense is evident and his brilliant combining of different yoga practices with his own deep experience means that anyone at any level will benefit from his teaching.


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