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Beyond the Beyond State – Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is the last and most important of the chakras, it is here that final liberation takes place. The crown chakra is where your awareness of an individual merges with the cosmic consciousness of the universe, or your individual soul (Atma) merges with the over soul (Paramatma).

The crown centre has both form and no form, it is beyond the state of consciousness and untouched by form, it is the void of the Paramatma and so is everything and nothing. The crown chakra is the destiny and culmination of yoga.

The workshop focuses on postures from the sitting cycle of lotus\cross leg poses from the last segment of the Ashtanga series, it is here that the energy of the whole practice is culminated and drawn up to the crown centre.

The pranayama exercises of bastrika, surya bedhana, ujjayi, sitali, murcha, plavini and bee breath are explored. These pranayamas are the culmination of breathing exercises that force the prana up through all the chakras and into the crown chakra.

The other head chakras will also be explored and exercises given to open these centres as well.


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The Breath of Fire

Working with extended breathing patterns, retention of the breath and bandha work in postures, to deepen the internal breath\energy work, and bring the mind into stillness known as Dhyana or meditation.


Flowing with the Wind

Working with Ujjayi breathing and Vinyasa flow between postures to create an intense concentration of the mind known as Pratyahara, or drawing the energy of the senses inwards, which leads to meditation through movement.


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Handstand for Beginners

Working with a step-by-step vinyasa krama approach towards handstand. Focusing on what beginners need to do to build up towards this challenging posture. Looking at the importance of shoulder and hip flexibility, basic upper body strength/stability, and basic balancing postures that will lead towards one of yoga’s more challenging yet rewarding poses.


“Really enjoyed the  October Spirals workshop. Tweeked and mended alot of  really annoying pain in my leg and back just through Aarons demo of feet and hand placement with leg and arm spirals. I feel really liberated from all those blocks.”

“Thanks so much for today it was brilliant – learned loads and enjoyed it  immensely.”

“I thought it was a fantastic day, a lovely atmosphere and certainly a stretch! in a very good way.  I’m just beginning to smile that actually, I sort of did a handstand!! maybe I won’t be so shaky about all these things next time?  I have to say that Aaron is very good at getting you to do things that you think hmmmm actually maybe not, without being pushy, a gentleness that just sort of convinces you to have a go!!

“I loved the yoga, Aaron is the best yoga teacher I ever had …… I just need to learn the movements and i will be better next summer for the yoga week.


Personal tuition is tailored to the
individual, ensuring you progress at
your own pace. Increasing the full
potential of your flexibility, stamina,
strength and levels of energy.

Learn to relax and reduce stress in your
life. The benefits of private yoga tuition is a
quicker way of development, as I can give you
full attention and work on your personal
needs. By tailoring a yoga practise to suit
your individual requirements you get a
deeper understanding of yoga.

Beginners are also very
welcome, in fact this is a great way to
begin your yoga adventure.

Personal Yoga Tuition Fees:

Personal tuition is £45 for an hour of
in depth yoga tuition designed for
your individual needs.

If 4 sessions are booked and paid for
in advance, you can have them for
the price £140.

To enhance your yoga practice
please contact Aaron on: or phone
07769 978 134 / 02920 210 128.

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Aaron Cousins
Director and Head Teacher
Ashanga Infusion

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I started yoga late in life and will never be as lithe and limber as I would like, however, I find Aaron’s teaching to be wonderfully liberating and he never judges my inabilities but rather encourages me to do what I can. All that is required is focus and trust and it is easy to trust Aaron because of his calm and balanced and strong demeanour; it is obvious he has access to levels beyond the standard yoga teacher. His spiritual sense is evident and his brilliant combining of different yoga practices with his own deep experience means that anyone at any level will benefit from his teaching.


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